About Us

Success isn't always about greatness.  It's about consistency.

About Eleva Media Marketing Planning

Eleva Media is dedicated to helping business owners create a customized marketing strategy directly integrated with a comprehensive online marketing system.

Systems are defined as, “a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme or method.” Each element of the strategy has a purpose dedicated to attracting more customers. When you apply a systematic approach to an internet marketing strategy, you will be able to:

  • Define your ideal customer, and know where to find them
  • Differentiate your business in a way that makes your competition irrelevant
  • Understand which tactics (e.g. SEO, social media platforms, email marketing) to use to communicate your core message
  • Know exactly which marketing tasks need to be completed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis

If our marketing approach appeals to you, schedule a consultation. This consultation serves as a way for you to experience what it’s like to work with us and to know if we are a good fit for your needs…without committing to a financial investment. 

Our Founder

Ricardo Mejia

Ricardo (Ric) Mejia brings a unique mix of previous experiences to his role as President & Chief Marketing Strategist.  He is an  Air Force veteran with 8 years of military operations and project management with an extensive sales and marketing experience in the corporate world.

From his professional experiences, he learned three important lessons:

  1. Most businesses do not have a strategy that aims to create long-term relationship with their clients.
  2. Many businesses do not have a clear way of distinguishing themselves from competitors; as a result, competition is limited to one main factor – cost.
  3. Business owners struggle to commit to follow through on marketing plans because they’re easily distracted by other ideas. 

Ricardo uses his knowledge and professional network of marketing experts to guide the coordination of digital marketing systems that meet your unique business goals. Ricardo and Eleva Media are dedicated to working with small to mid-size businesses to create customized marketing strategies that get results.  To learn more about Our Marketing Services click here.