No Time for a Complete ROI-Driven Digital Marketing Strategy?  We Can Help

Eleva Media is a Digital Marketing Agency in Boise Idaho Who Helps Business Owners Discover Online Marketing ROI by Creating and Implementing Measurable Marketing Plans.

À la carte,  month to month. No long-term Contracts 

Digital Marketing Services - No One Solution, Fits All

Combining our services into month-to-month plans gives you the best return on investment (ROI), but sometimes you need something specific. In that case, one of our À la carte services may be the right fit for you. We’ll make our recommendations, but ultimately you select only the services you need.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let Search Engines Find Your Website

Search engines #1 job is to provide answers to those who are looking for information. Being on the top of the search results is about taking a customer-centric approach. If you understand your customer wants and needs. You can find the keywords that show intent. If your customers are asking questions, give them answers. If they intend to buy, sell to them. Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) doesn't work if you rank for the wrong keyword.  A robust digital marketing is imperative to stay competitive in a web-driven world.

Website Development and Maintenance

Create a Great User Experience 

Web development is the first interaction your company has with prospects and an extension of your company for your current customers online. Your website needs to fill three main jobs. Be findable, have the information your visitors seek and be accessible. We are not web designers, which means, we don't sell you a pretty canvas online. What we do is developed marketing-ready websites based on extensive research about your customers and industry. A beautiful site without your customer in mind creates zero value.

Content Marketing

Give the Information your Customer Seeks

If your company is not creating value when publishing online content, then you will become part of the millions of bloggers lost in the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated every day. Content marketing needs to have a purpose, and that is to attract the attention of prospects, provide genuinely relevant and useful content that builds trust. If you want to drive profitability to your business using content marketing, stop pitching your products or services like an annoying salesperson. Start building trust, because that is what customers are expecting from you.

Social Media Management

Connect With Your Costumers 

Social media is not about postings, likes, shares, or viral videos. It is about connecting with customers. Use the digital medium where they spent most of their time, to talk and engage with them. We live in a connected world thanks to the internet. Phone lines have been replaced by cellular phones. Phone calls by text messaging, television by streaming services (well, not just yet). Social Media Marketing is important for your business because it will increase your business visibility,  is the most cost-effective way to reach a large number of customers worldwide, plus much more.

Online Reputation Management

Ensure Your Brand Stays Great

It is indispensable for businesses to maintain a positive reputation online. Knowing what consumers are saying about your company will help you recognize what is working and what is not. Also, gathering insights from those who come in contact with your brand will help you serve your prospects and customers better. On the other hand,  a single negative media comment can shatter the trust consumers have for your brand. And monitoring your business online will help you react and effectively avoid further damage.

Continuous Marketing Improvement

Optimize Conversion Rates

Through continuous marketing optimization, you can improve the number of people that make it through each step of your sales funnel. When you can see where people drop off the sales path, you can optimize according to what is known and assumed about your website visitors. A/B testing or multivariate testing can help you challenge those assumptions. Is it evident for visitors what you want them to do at each step? Which page elements distract visitors from the goal and which ones support it? 

Signs Your Company Doesn't Have a Marketing Strategy


Many small business owners tell us that their approach to marketing is, “all over the place,” and they’re not sure how to consolidate their marketing activities. We’ll help you change that because we approach marketing as a system, so that every part of your marketing program complements each other. 

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Plateaus are common for small businesses, especially if you rely on word of mouth referrals as your main source of business growth.  We will work with you to understand exactly how your business operates, and create a marketing plan dedicated to reaching your business ROI objectives.


In most cases, you do not know how to attract new customers. We will closely examine your business to develop and communicate key messages to your target audience. We will adapt your website, social media accounts, and other components of your marketing system to generate more profitable leads to help grow your business.

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Even if you offer more value for your services than your competitors, your business may lag behind because your customers do not understand what makes you different. When you have a marketing strategy with defined goals, you’ll elevate your business above the competition.

Stop Losing Money to Your Competition

Ricardo Mejia

Our Vision & Passion

Ricardo Mejia, President & Chief Marketing Strategist

Eleva Media’s vision is to work directly with your business to achieve outstanding results using the right marketing mix that fits your needs for less than an in-house marketing salary.

My mission is to work with local business owners and create a strategic marketing plan for your business, implementing it, and provide exceptional management for all marketing activities. We only work with vendors who live in the continental U.S. Connect with me on LinkedIn

Two Ways We Can Serve Your Marketing Needs

Done-FOR-YOU Marketing

Put Your Marketing System to Work

Depending on your business needs, we can implement a marketing strategy that gives you results while you do what you do best – operate your business. You can have confidence that our proven systems will give you leads, opportunities, and great return on investment.

Done-WITH-YOU Marketing

Working Together to Grow Your Business

Many of our clients prefer to be actively involved in their marketing strategy. Simply put, we know that you know your business better than anybody else does. Your knowledge and insights will be the foundation of your marketing strategy…and an integral part of its success.

Our Process For Great Results

Marketing Check-Up

Find out how your business stacks up against the competition. We’ll examine your current marketing strategy, and tell you if you are reaching your ideal clients. We will advise you how to make changes to increase engagement, attract more qualified leads, and promote overall business growth.

Marketing Consultation

We recognize that every business is unique. We will meet with you to give you a snapshot of where your business stands right now, and use our systematic knowledge of marketing to provide different options to achieve your business goals.

Action Plan

We will use your input to present a strategic marketing plan, customized to your business, outlining every marketing tactic designed to achieve your business goals. At the heart of every marketing plan is a clearly defined system; we view marketing as an interconnected system that makes your action plan easy to follow.


Finally, we will execute your marketing plan by integrating a marketing system seamlessly into your business. Every marketing tactic will work together. Your website will produce more leads, your social media will communicate clearer messages, and so much more!